Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Has an Obamaville (Occupy Protest) popped up at a city around you?

As we have seen for the last few months all around the nation, the new fad of "Camping out" have occupied the attentions of many Americans. Some because they had a statement to make and others because they had nothing better to do. Many of these enchantments have set up their version of a Socialist governing counsel. As entertaining it has been to see so many nuts in the parks of the nation, it is also sad to see these Obamaville's fill with what is a cancer on the nation. Have yo seen a Obamaville near you? Has it been a positive thing in any way? You can post your answers here so please don't just set in front of your computer and wiggle your fingers in the air as the loons in Obamaville do to express their views. Don't you kind of feel bad that our President has wrecked the economy so much that they have to live in tents in city parks? Many cities are already bankrupt. They have laid off over cops in the past year to punish the public for not allowing them to raise taxes. The riots and destruction they caused have caused those businesses that can to leave town along with decent people who now know city government protects the criminals, not them.

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