Sunday, November 27, 2011

Causalities Of Ignorance

Each generation has its heroes, villains, religious zealots, and the uninformed sheep. We see heroes like the people in the Tea Party movement who recognized the dangers and stood up to demand injustices be corrected. We have villain politicians who hide behind the mask of political correctness and dominate the halls of power in D.C. We have the extremist in many religions who will kill others to force their views and laws upon others. A sample of this is the Islamic Caliphate being imposes systematically around the world. ...and we have the uninformed sheep of the Occupy movement who are protesting for unknown reasons (even to them) and apparently wanting a socialist utopia to rule the world. Soon these forces will meet in battle and the destruction will be great. It has gotten to the point that such a conflict is almost unavoidable. Wise people are preparing for the coming riots and Armageddon as all these forces battle for control of their own lives as well as the destiny of mankind. Much as a sailor can predict the weather from the sky's and seas so can a person predict the coming storms we are soon to endure. Open your eyes and see the world we are in. Only the dead see nothing and can do nothing to better mankind. Are your eyes open? Are you going to help mankind or be buried as one of the causalities of ignorance?

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