Sunday, November 13, 2011

Portland Police cower at Occupy Demonstration.

I have to say this... the Portland Police are wimps. I watch this live and the Police all but ran and hid. The trash took over the city and the Portland Police huddled like little girls begging for mercy.... It was a sad sight to see. This is the same Police Dept. that harassed Tea Party members last year. The same city that forced high permit fees on ANY Tea Party event. The same city that CONDEMNED the Tea Party and did all they could to denied them their free speech rights. Why treat the peaceful Tea Party like criminals and then treat the criminals of the Occupy Movement (AKA Flea Party) like saints? Could it be the rampant drug us at Tea Party events? No... that cant be it because that only happens at Occupy events. Could it be the countless rapes and sexual assaults at Tea Party events? Nope... that only happens at Occupy events. Could it be the murders that occurred at Tea Party events? Nope... there were none at Tea Party events but there have been some at Occupy events. Could it be the child abuse at Tea Party events? Nope... that has only happened at Occupy events. Perhaps it's the massive destruction of public property feared from the Tea Party.. Again that can't be possible because then has not been even one documented case of such damage. BUT the city of Portland has ALREADY estimated that the city will spend $500,000 in city employee overtime and $50,000 in repairs to the parks the Occupy camps are located in. So what could it be?


  1. I take issue with your description of Portland Police harassing Tea Party members. The Portland Police have been awesome to us; they've been supportive and great partners in our events. Post fact on this accusation or retract it.

  2. Why would I want to retract what I know is the truth? I have seen Portland's finest treat Tea Party members with little to no respect. But I will say it was funny to see them sucker punch the Occupy group today. Letting them think they would work it all out and then when they lest expect it swoop in and arrest 50 of them and fence off their "camp".