Monday, September 12, 2011

If Obama wanted to do it right...

If Obama wanted to create jobs he would do like Reagan. But don't hold your breath.

Obama has unveiled his Jobs Plan. All it will cost you is another $467 Billion tax increase. His new Stimulus program will fail like the others have already. They are based on a agenda and not reality. Obama pitched his plan by playing up job losses and the stalled economy, ditching his previous claims that economic growth had returned. Perhaps the loss of 500 or more jobs by a company in Texas due to EPA regulations helped Obama to tell the truth.

The majority of the tax increase comes from $400 billion generated from small business across America. His goal to get even more people working for the government means he must take from the private sector. The area that creates jobs will be the first victim of his Jobs Bill.

Back in 2010 The House Ways and Means Committee released a list of the more than $670 billion in tax increases that Democrats have signed into law since January of 2009, when Barack Obama took office. They include “at least 14 violations of the President’s pledge not to raise taxes on Americans earning less than $200,000 for singles and $250,000 for married couples,” totaling more than $316 billion in tax increases for middle class families.

In all truth we will all get the Bill for the massive debt Obama is determined to force on the nation with the addition of even more failed stimulus spending. But what can you expect from a failed leader like Obama.

If Obama wanted to create jobs he would do like Reagan But don't hold your breath.


  1. All hail the mighty Reagen. The same Reagen Who increased the us debt by 11% of GDP during his presidency (Obama's only at 9%). The same Reagen who enacted the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 which setup like 3 million illegal immigrants on the road to citizenship. The same Reagen who increased taxes 11 times(Raising taxes doesn't prevent job creation). The same Reagen who unregulated the derivatives market. You know the real reason the housing bubble pop ripped across our entire economy. Oh wait that topic is too "elitist" for the ultra conservatives. Well you guys feel free to keep on suckin the gippers nuggets while the rest of us get a good chuckle out of your deification of Ronald Reagen.

  2. The same Reagan who got the world to respect America again after 4 years of a failed leader like Carter. The same Reagan who took our nation from a terrible recession caused by Carter and his attempts to spend America to prosperity. The same Reagan who has positive GDP of more then 3.5% a year while Obama has had 1% to 0%. The same Reagan who had policy's that brought NEW jobs to America while Obama has to create a fake "Jobs Saved" list to pretend his Progressive agenda is working. Every year Obama has been in office the unemployment numbers have been going up. Under Reagan the numbers drooped almost every year. The same Reagan who cut EVERY Americans taxes across the board and he never once play race baiting or class warfare games with the American People.

    Unlike you Wayne I was here to hear and see how Reagan performed as President. I even voted for him both time he was elected. All you know about Reagan is from the distortions told in school books written by far left Progressive elitist who try to rewrite history instead of telling it as it is. All you know is the propaganda from the like of MSNBC and the Huffington Post. You learned the indoctrination but I lived the truth of those times.

    Don't try to pin the housing bubble on Reagan. That all started under Clinton with his executive orders setting us the foundations for the mess. I know because I lived through Clinton failed presidency as well. He along with Barney Frank and Dodd screwed the nation with their agenda to let people who could not afford a home buy one. He was the one who put the regulations in place REQUIRING banks to make loans to people who had no job or real income. Barney Frank set up a major part of this mess and then pointed fingers at others for his failings. Sounds a lot like Obama to think of it.

    Our nation needs another Reagan to clean out the mess and corruption from a failed leader like Obama.

  3. HAHAHA! First of all I don't read Huffington post politics and I have never even visited MSNBC's website. Second how do you know where I learned about Reagen? Do you even know what history books I had in school? Conspiracy theory much? All that indoctrination stuff is based on all those facts you have right? You're not the only person on the planet still alive from the Reagen era and many of them have a different view than you. Third I don't think you have a clue about how unregulated derivatives played a pivotal role in the economic crash. Fourth you really think the recession in the 80's is comparable to the worst economic crisis since the great depression? Fifth man what is your hangup with calling every democratic president a failure. It really makes you look biased.

  4. To start, forgive me if I assumed you got your misinformation from MSNBC and the HUff post. Just seems your using their lies and distortions verbatim. So I stand corrected. You getting misinformed from other sources out to re-write history.

    Derivatives were not the problem. Had it been just that the Housing bubble would have started under Bush Sr. but a simple review of the facts show that not to be the case. The catalyst for the Housing Bubble was Executive orders by Clinton and regulations IMPOSED on the banking sector from the House committees chaired by Frank and Dodd that REQUIRED bad loans be made to people who could never pay them off. Those are the simple facts.

    The recession caused by Carter was not the cake walk you have been told by far left history revisionist. The gas lines, the 21+% interest on home loans, INFLATION, and high unemployment were destructive on our economy. And it was Reagan's tax cuts across the board that got us out of it by stimulating the economy. Allowing the American people to keep more of what they earned. Unlike Obama's failed big government approach which just takes from the people to feed the governments ever expanding growth.

    I never said every Democrat President was a failure. I just mentioned the ones I have see in office and know from experience how they failed the nation so they could advance their political agendas.

    I am far from bias on judging a President. I base the results on facts, personal observations and informed research. I have see history revisionism attempt to pollute the facts and distort the truth and can spot their attempts to do so. Weather they are on the left or right matters not. A lie is a lie.

    I will not digest and knowing support a lie just because it is politically correct in some circles to do so. If you feel that being a person who wants the truth and is willing to express it to others is biased then I guess I am guilty as charged.

  5. We'll I'd like to know where I lied to you at?

    It wasn't just Reagens testicular fortitude that pulled us out of that recession it was a combination of deficit spending and a lowering of interest rates. We used a Keynesian economic strategy like we did during the depression. Like we're trying to do now because its the only strategy we have any successful evidence using.

    Reagen was unlucky enough to follow a president that is definitely high on everyone's list as worst president ever. Carter did not take the appropriate steps to lighten the coming recession the way W. Bush did. For that we should all be thankful to Bush for listening to his econimic advisors and initiating the Keynesian tactic at the beginning because what happened was waaaay worse than what happened during the 80's it's not even up for debate. If he hadn't tarped the fallout could have been on par with the depression.

    The JEC did a great set of hearings last year on span that I watched which tried to find the exact cause of the crash and what we could do to prevent a future crash. Everything I watched (from the world foremost economic experts)led the hearing panel to look really hard at derivatives. Derivatives and a bunch of other factors are responsible for the crash.

    To lay blame at Clintons feet is a ridiculous over simplification of a very complex problem. It's a problem I keep seeing with armchair economists. For some reason they believe they understand more about economy than the worlds leading experts. Then for some reason or another the majority of these uneducated amateur economists give responsibility to one democratic entity or another.

    I think you missed all my points about Reagen in your response to mine. My point was that Reagen did all those things and you hail him as a great hero when you bash Obama when he tries to do those things. My point was that it is hypocritical. Except for the derivative. No president in their right mind will ever make that colossal mistake again.

  6. Reagan never used "Keynesian economic strategy" and just claiming he did will not make it so. Reagan used supply side economics and trickle down economics as so many of you like to call them. Those approaches worked in creating jobs and boosting growth in our nation. It was the Keynesian economic strategy employed by Clinton, Bush, and Obama that has caused the massive job loses and no real growth in the private sector of our economy. Only the massive growth of the government sector has benefited from Keynesian economic strategy.