Sunday, November 27, 2011

Obama's 3 Years Of Failure

In the last 3 years: Obama has shown no Leadership, Exploded spending and the Debt to limits never before imagined Shown his policies are based on the falsity of a Socialist Utopia without a CLUE to the damage he has caused. Broke his promise to get us out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact he has started TWO new wars in Libya and now in Sudan. Obama even tried to take credit for killing OBL when in fact his policies have released hundreds of know terrorist and granted Miranda rights upon those captured. His administration has failed to prosecute the majority still in custody. Obama Nationalized GM and millions of stock holders around the nation lost all their money. But when his buddies and political donors at Solyndra went bankrupt he allowed them to cash out before the taxpayers. Obama took the economy from a recession and chocked it with regulations until it is on the brink of a Depression that will be more destructive then the one in the 1930’s. Obama encouraged OWS protesters to do even more damage to the nation. The result is over $130,000,000 in damages to cities and their economic systems. Obama has flushed TRILLIONS into so called reinvestment programs that in fact were nothing more the political paybacks to Labor Unions to protect their public employee members from the economy his policies created. Obama force his healthcare law down onto the American people AGAINST their wishes. His healthcare program has caused premiums to rise at skyrocketing rates in order to comply with its mandates. Less people are insured today than they were before it passed. Cost for health have risen far above the levels predicted had it not passed. Obama is a fierce BLAMER of others for his own failings. Obama has been documented to be a liar and dishonest to the American people on almost every topic he is involved. BUT his FAILED LEADERSHIP will not slow him down from CAMPAINING in all 57 States. Some day he may even name the mysterious seven states that the schools have yet to teach our kids about. But to show a little support I will offer him a few here…The State of Confusion, The State of Denial, The State of Insanity, The State of Dishonesty, The State of Arrogance, The State of Illusion, and lets not forget the State of Incompetence he has shown these last 3 years.

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