Friday, November 16, 2012

Denny's Restaurant Chain To Add A 5% Surcharge To Customer Bills To Offset Obamacare.........WHAAAT?

Denny's Restaurant Chain To Add A 5% Surcharge To Customer Bills To Offset Obamacare.........WHAAAT?

Obamacare Fallout: Restaurateur John Metz Announces That he will Be Adding a Five Percent Surcharge to Customers Bills and Slashing Employee Hours to Offset Healthcare Costs
Restaurant owner John Metz, who owns about 40 Denny’s locations and 5 Hurricane Grill & Wings franchises across Florida, Virginia, and Georgia, says that he will be adding a 5% surcharge to customers’ bills to help offset the cost of the Affordable Care Act (i.e. “Obamacare”).
“People are trying to find ways to avoid the penalties and to avoid having to pay for ObamaCare,” John Metz told “Everyone’s looking for a way to not have to provide insurance for their employees. It’s essentially a huge tax on all us business people.”
But that’s not all.
As CEO of RREMC Restaurants, LLC, Metz says he will also have to slash the hours of roughly 1,200 employees to fewer than 30 hours per week.
He will make the announcement next month.
“I want to explain it to everybody, to let them know what’s coming down the pike,” he said. “We like to keep our employees informed.”
The changes will no doubt force some of his employees to look for a second job, notes, but Metz maintains that he has no other choice.
“It’s a great concept,” Metz said of President Obama’s landmark healthcare law. “We want to have everyone insured. The problem is, who is going to pay for it and how are we going to accomplish this?”
I eat at Denny’s. Often. I am white, not old and enjoy the good value of their breakfasts.
I voted for the Mormon, not the moron.

“It’s going to be a big issue for all of us — for my employees and for me,” said Metz. “The ones that are working more than 28 hours, they’re going to act as if I’m cutting their hours and they’ll have to find another job.”
Metz is probably correct when he says other restaurants will adopt to his policies — that is, adding surcharges and slashing hours.
“That is what I foresee and that is the easier, least painful way to deal with these added costs,” he said. “In a true playing field, everybody will impose this, from McDonald’s to Denny’s to even maybe the fine dining restaurants in order to have the funds to be able to pay for either insurance or the penalty for not providing insurance to their employees.”
Metz has encouraged his staff to contact their elected officials to see if there are other ways in which the costs of implementing “Obamacare” can be offset.
“It’s never good news, but it is what it is,” Metz said in reference to his five percent surcharge. “We really should look for a better or different way to pay for [ObamaCare]. I think what we’re going to ultimately see here is a European-type system where we have a value added tax or a national sales tax.”
“I have a choice: try to live within the rules, or go out of business,” he added.

At first, I thought I’d just boycott Denny’s.
But why punish the company for the votes of the employees?
So, next time you go to Denny’s and when the bill comes,
tip the waitress 10% instead of 20%.
Then write a note. “You voted for Obama, it’s your fault. Enjoy!”
ObamaCost – I heard there is a Facebook page with the goal to petition all business owners that are implementing a surcharge to offset ObamaCare costs, to include this surcharge as a separate line item on their receipts. We should all know what we are really paying for this program.
Think about this carefully:
Where do businesses get the money that they pay to the IRS?
If you said “From their income” your are correct.
Where do businesses get their income from?
If you said “From their customers” you are, again, correct.
So if the government demands an increase in tax from business, how do they meet that bill?
If you said “They must charge their customers more or they will go broke” you are right again.
Ergo; the government taxes businesses, but businesses don’t pay it. Their customers do.
It makes good propaganda for the government to say that they are going after the rich companies, but the government and the companies both know where the money is really coming from.
The restaurants need to define it as the ObamaCare tax
and then list the White House phone number, so everyone can call & complain.
Also, why not make a special note:
To all the fools who voted for this failure of a president.
feel free to double the tax in lieu of all your ignorance
& what it’s costing the rest of the good American folks.

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