Monday, October 29, 2012

Debating A Liberal Can Be Fun

I do this on face book all the time. I post a question I know all well indoctrinated liberals will bite. It is a set up on my part to get them to come out of the shadows and then expose them to the sunlight of truth.  It is most entertaining and helpful to school liberals back to the real world. Away from the BS of MSNBC and their hate filled leaders.  I have shown some the light of truth and they are now part of the conservative army. My hope is to save more of then from the darkness of lies and twisted facts they are spoon feed each day by MSNBC and Team Obama. 
David Wayne
HEY MY LIBERAL AND PROGRESSIVE FRIENDS: Why is it the when Obama called on the Navy Seals to go kill OBL they did as asked but when two Navy Seals begged for help at lest 3 times in Libya all they got from Obama was.... NOTHING. Team Obama watched in the White House Situation Room as these Seals got killed. It took the terrorist 7 hours in combat to kill these two brave Navy Seals and it took Obama just 3 refusals to send help and 7 seconds to blame a You Tube video to cover up his failures as a leader.
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  • Patrick Collins I can tell you are a military genius. You should go to the Pentagon and tell them how to run things. Or, maybe, go to Libya and see how you would have gotten the troops there quicker, in an area where there were no troops, an area where it is highly dangerous. We need you in the military!! Now, about Timothy McVey bombing here in Oklamhoa, how did that happen? That was here in the US. And about the 911 disaster. Where was George? You are not quite consistent.
  • David Wayne Patrick I bet a half trained monkey could do a better job then we saw from team Obama the night the Navy Seals begged for help and were refused.
  • David Wayne We had military assists near that could have helped but were not allowed to. They were ready to go but told to "Stand Down" by team Obama.
  • David Wayne Typical liberal tacit... when you lost the debate you try to turn it to something else. Bringing up McVay as a attempt to provide cover for Obama's failures and incompetent is laughable at best and shown a complete ignorance of the topic at hand. George Bush was not even President then my friend. Clinton was in office at that time.
  • Patrick Collins The President doesn't try to unstage his military advisors. No President should. It's not about Obama, it is about the military and their assessment. There are times when you don't have many choices. I was in the military and can tell you a good officer doesn't send his troops into a death trap. You try everything conceivable but don't sacrifice more troops if there is no chance or if you are too late. From a political point of view, Obama, or any politician would probably send people in just for support in an upcoming election. Cooler heads prevailed. It is a tragedy, a horrible incident. But blaming the President is not the answer. Too many people jump to conclusions but have never sat in that seat of unbelieveable responsibility.
  • Patrick Collins BTW.. I am NOT a liberal. Lifelong Republican that is disgusted by romney lying about everything, taking a firm stand on nothing. I will vote for Obama this tie around. he has restored our place in the world, brought the economy to a place where it can grow, crippled Al Qaed, stabilized the auto industry and banking system. George !, my friend and a guy I supported wholeheartedly, left things in a shamble and I admire Obama for getting us back on the rod. Credit where credit is due. End of my thoughts. Have a great day and God Bless Us all!!!
  • Art Friess So, why did this President spend nearly 3 weeks blaming the murders on a YouTube Video??
  • David Wayne Well thought out my friend but completely flawed from a military point of view. When you have overwhelming assist in the arena that can respond regardless of incoming fire you send them. Ask the helicopter pilots who risk their live in Nam, Korea, and countless other wars to save a fellow Americans. But Obama chose to let these men die and he must answer for his failures.
  • Patrick Collins The guys that were attacked were not seals. They were EX Seals working for State Dept , not that that makes it less tragic. And to Atr, have you ever been in combat in a country where there is little or no infrastructure, communications and you are under attack. People in the US have a Hollywood movie view of what it is like to be in Hell. Nobody knows what is going on in an attack like that. and when your guys are dead, it is hard to get a clear picture. I don't recommend that you find out the hard way just how rotten a situaion like that can be.
  • Patrick Collins That was a war and were were engaged. We didn't have troops nearby in Libya. Those chopper pilots were fearless but they were there, prepared, doing a heroic job. This is more like a firefighter getting to the fire after the buildfing is engulfed, and deciding whether to go in. There is a point where it does no good. It is too late.
  • David Wayne You attempt to devalue their lives by calling them "Ex" and that is sad. They were Americans serving the government in a roll to protect other Americans. They were in communication with the White House. They asked for help and were refused.
  • David Wayne For 7 hours the fought off the terrorist. For 7 hours the Obama White House watched live feeds of the battle and did NOTHING to send in support to these men. It took team Obama over a week to get anyone there just to take pictures of the carnage and destruction. Obama failed as a leader yet again.
  • David Wayne We had assists a hour away and Obama refused to send them in to help.
  • Patrick Collins Why would I devalue their lives. they were comrades in arms, brothers, dedicated men. Seals or not. I was just correcting you. they were not a military unit. This was tragic. I just get upset when people who have never been in a situation llike that, have no understanding of what it is like, sit back with a beer and hot dog and throw rocks at the guys who are trying to keep this country safe and make the best decisions they can. Maybe you are not one of those. If so, Hurray!! But I have fund it is easier to criticize than to actually be there and doing the job. Hey, A-Rod can hit 50 home runs but strikeout once and 50,000 fans BOO. As youget older you will find out the answers aren't so easy.
  • David Wayne Tell any Seal that they were not important as any currently serving and you will get corrected in a heartbeat. Obama has turned his back on them in the time of need. They lost their lives and now Obama will lose a election. Who paid the higher price my friend?
  • Patrick Collins Hey, I might know you. Were you in the USMC special tactical school held at quantico in 1960? Are you that Wayne?
  • David Wayne No my friend, I am not that gentleman of whom you speak. I did serve but not in that unit.
  • Patrick Collins Thanks for serving!!! I guess we can disagree and still be brothers!!! I respect you for giving of yourself. And those guys in libya, my heart cries for them. But I respect Obama, and ALL presidents for theincredibly horrific job they have. Liike cliton, George W and Obama, you can see their hair turn white in just 2-3 years. the weight of the responsibilities is overwhelming. I know sometimes they make mistakes but harsh criticism without being on the inside is unfair. You know yourself, having served, everybody is trying their best and sometimes "stuff happens".
  • Patrick Collins God Bless you.
  • David Wayne Thank you Patrick. But just because a job is difficult is no reason to excuse incompetence and failures like we see from Obama almost every day. The constant cover-ups and the media doing their best to NOT report the truth has become disgusting. It leave's it to the common man and patriot to stand up and demand the truth. That is all we are asking for. The simple truth. But all we seem to get from team Obama are lies.
  • David Wayne God bless you for your service as well... but as you know just because you take off the uniform you still have the responsibility as a citizen to defend the nation from enemy's both foreign and domestic.
  • Patrick Collins Absolutely. I'm glad I don't have to put the uni back on. I am a LOT bigger and not near as fit as I was years ago!!! And, just a final note!!! I'm Irish... I talk a lot( {:-))). If you look at the bald lies coming from Romney, things won't be better if he wins. How can these guys stand there and tell bald face lies when everyone saw what they said yesterday, and then today they deny it. I have always voted Republican but I value character in a person and his constant change of positions on EVERYTHING and his attacks on every single one of his Primary opponents and now of Obama, spending millions of dollars just to discredit these people, doesn't make me feel good about him. I ran a business in the Middle East, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, the Emirates, etc for a number of years. What I see of Romney and his approach does not bode well for us there if he is elected. He is so NAIVE. SCARY!!! Hey, gotta get busy. Have a good one, my friend!! Good chatting with you. In the end, AND in the beginning and middle, God is in control. Since time began, through all of the leaders, followers, presidents, kings, dictators, etc., Love has prevailed and mankind moves forward. In the end, LOVE is all that matters. It moves mountains, heals illness, smooths relationships, end wars, brings peace of mind. We will survive.
  • David Wayne Yes we will survive... but I want us to thrive. Under Obama that will never happen. The time to start is now... I don't want to wait another 4 years before we get our nation back on track. God has a plan and in every event he places building blocks to achieve it. I want to be one of the building blocks and not just a observer. I truly feel Romney is one of those building blocks as well and that the Lord has placed him here for the nation to use wisely. Time to rebuild the nation and stop the destruction of the last 4 years.
  • Art Friess Agreed Patrick. How can we watch this man, Pres. Obama, tell bald face lies, and then deny he said it?
  • Ryan Evans Patrick: I will vote for Obama this tie around. he has restored our place in the world, brought the economy to a place where it can grow, crippled Al Qaed, stabilized the auto industry and banking system.
  • Ryan Evans Please explain the above ^^^^^^^^^ statement?? Restored our place in the world? Brought the economy to a place where it can grow? Crippled Al Qead? Stabilized the auto industry and banking system? Please explain how you came up with these remarks???????
  • Art Friess My thoughts, Ryan. HUH??? Or; "None of the above"!!!
  • Ryan Evans Art, look at my post to Patrick!! Read below your remarks!!
  • Ryan Evans Patrick read the above I was quoting you, I DAMN SURE WONT VOTE FOR BOJO!!!
  • Patrick Collins You haven't been paying attention. Look at the facts. Auto industry. Banks paid back TARP. Bin Laden...BYe Bye. the 40% of my total assets wiped out by Bush term restored. Job growth, slow but not in deep dive like at end of Bush term. It takes a while to stop the speed of a down roller coaster and to get it started back up the hill. New industries coming on, Trade with China improving. Stock market and banks bolstered with better regulations. Housing market growth and interest rates low. Foreclosures in decline. Obama has done a good job. Congress is the main threat here. No president can govern if Congress is in impasse. If you don't agree, fine. that's why there are green cars, and blue cars, and yellow cars. But if you pick an American car, it is possible because Obama saved the industry. (I am ex-auto industry exec.) I hope the right guy gets elected!! God Bless.
  • David Wayne Patrick I have been paying attention. Here are the FACTS: GMC now builds 70% of the cars overseas. It will open 14 new plants in China and the American taxpayer is paying for it. The jobs these plants would create are lost here forever as they are shipped overseas by team Obama. TARP is not payed back yet In fact the CBO stated we will lose 28 Billion is bad TARP loans. Sure trade with China is up... we send them jobs and they send up cheep products. But I bet the 30 million unemployed here would rather have a good paying job. Banks will not loan because none can figure out how much capital they will need on hand to meet the new requirements of Dodd Frank.SO the economy suffers and no jobs are created. The Housing market is still hurting deeply. With banks reluctant to loan and new requirements that a buyer must have 1/3 down payment the market is flat lining. The only people who can buy are investors who are snatching up houses to turn into rentals. Foreclosures are down because the banks are fearful the government law suit. Congress has slowed Obama's reckless agenda down to a crawl. That is what they are intended to do by the framers of the constitution. Check and balances to keep the executive branch from becoming dictators. The real issue with Congress is in the Senate which has not passed or even debated a budget in over 1300 days. That's 3 and a half years they refused to follow the law that requires them to pass a budget. Harry Reid has killed every budget the House sent to the Senate.
  • David Wayne Obama is a total failure in Domestic policy and Foreign Policy. Ask the family's of the dead four Americans in Libya if Obama is doing a grand job. Better yet ask the 3000 + dead Mexicans killed by guns he gave drug dealers if they think Obama is doing a grand job.
  • David Wayne Ask the people forced into poverty under Obama's agenda if they think he is doing a grand job creating jobs so they can provide for their family's without Government handouts needed.
  • David Wayne Ask the millions of women if they enjoy being unemployed under the Obama government handout agenda.
  • David Wayne I have not even touched on the LIES Obama has told. That will take hours to list again so I suggest you scroll down a little and read the long list of Obama lies I posted.
  • David Wayne I have paid attention these last four years my friend. And it sickens me to see a man like Obama in power abusing the office and acting as if he and his team are above the law.
  • David Wayne But let's stay on topic... Obama watch these four Americans die and he did nothing to help them.
  • David Wayne All Obama did was LIE and Blame others for HIS FAILURES as a leader.
  • Art Friess I think you covered it!!
  • David Wayne I agree with you Patrick on our nation needing God's blessings. The first and most needed blessing will happen in November when we vote Obama out of power. Then the real healing and economic comeback can begin. God Bless America !!!

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