Friday, May 31, 2013

Police Response To Control Protest Faster Than Response Time To Stop Soldiers Murder

I am not as fluent in U.K. politics as here in America, BUT I do see that there is a clear practice of using the police to silence conservative thought. Any group opposed to the P.C. way of thinking gets fast attention from the local Police. But a Terrorist attack on a soldier, cutting off his head, on a London took over 25 minuets for even one officer to arrive.

These Anti-Islamic Terrorist protesters had the car loads of police on them in 5 minuets of the time they started.

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  1. please fact check before posting innaccurate information. police were in the area monitering the men within 9 minutes, the armed response arrived to take them down within 14 minutes.
    these people are not the heroes you seem to think, they are thugs, whose members are all to often filmed being outright racist to anyone that isn't white with an obvious English accent and football hooliganism.
    If you think about it for a minute this makes perfect sense, after such an incident the police are well aware that far right groups here are going to try and mobilize, an action that can only inflame a situation and lead to violence, a result these groups want, they want a race war. the police expected them to make a move and reacted accordingly to contain the situation and ensure public safety.