Tuesday, May 28, 2013

America Was Once A Great Nation... Can It Be Again?

Obama’s Presidency is Americas self-imposed form of abuse. Look at the numbers and you can see there is no other explanation. Obama’s leadership and policies have damaged the economy, damaged healthcare, damaged the war on terror, lowered family income, increased taxes on every American, and increased poverty in America.

Obama has sent BILLIONS to Muslim Terrorist supporters at the same time his policies have increased the number of Americans on food stamps, lowered the respect of America throughout the world, and opened the boarders to a flood of illegals who leach off the American taxpayer through welfare and free healthcare that Americans themselves can’t have.

America voted not once but twice for this destruction upon itself.  No wonder the world has less respect for us. They see America as the once great flagship for freedom become yet another ship of fools on their way to another failed socialist attempt at an utopian dream that has never be seen anywhere in the world.

So what is the excuse you Progressive Democrats have today for Obama’s failures? Is it Bush’s fault? Or is it because Obama is black? Instead of excuses why don’t you insist that Obama come up with solutions and change the course of this ship before he sinks it completely.

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