Thursday, August 16, 2012

Top 50 Conservative Sites

All 50 websites are listed with their Alexa rank following their link. So for example, a “1″ would mean the page was the most popular website on the net. A “100,000″ would mean the 100,000th most popular page on the net. With that being said, let’s go ahead and take a look at the rankings.
 Written By : John Hawkins
10 bonus websites for you
Update #1: Jihad Watch emailed to note that they’re at 29,887. That would put them at #26. Sorry, I missed you, guys!
Update #2: Canada Free Press is at 73,555 which would put them at #55 on the original list.
Update #3: The great thing I have found about doing these lists is that if you miss a site, by the end of the day, someone will be sure to let you know about it =D Here a handful of other websites that were missed.
The Ron Paul Forums is at 29,341, which means they would have come in at #25 on the original list.
Onenewsnow ranks at 9,388, which would have put it at #12.
PS: I’ve had a couple people suggest that Infowars should be on the list, but I consider that to be a loony, anti-authority conspiracy site more than a conservative website. Others may disagree.
Update #4: The Business & Media Institutecomes in at 79,500, which would have put it at #58.

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