Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paul Ryan Propels The Romney Ticket To Leads

Paul Ryan Propels The Romney Ticket To Leads In Crucial 

Virginia And Ohio

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Although the most recent Gallup poll didn't find any "immediate bump" nationally from the addition of Paul Ryan to Mitt Romney's presidential ticket, a new Purple Strategies survey finds that Ryan helped contribute to a decent upward swing in two crucial battleground states over the past month. 
The Romney-Ryan ticket now leads President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in the key swing states of Virginia and Ohio, which each saw 5-point swings in the last month. Romney-Ryan lead 46 to 44 percent in Ohio and 48 to 45 percent in Virginia. Combined, the two states account for 31 electoral votes that could key a Romney win in November. 
Overall, in the dozen swing states that Purple Strategies measures, Romney and Ryan lead Obama and Biden by a single point — 47 to 46. 
Purple Strategies pollsters Doug Usher and Bruce Haynes write that the Ryan addition has been the most positive sign for the Romney campaign in months. 

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