Friday, July 13, 2012

Levin on Condi as VP: 'Pick a damn conservative'

Got to give Mark Levin credit for this one. He is completely right that Romney needs a strong conservative as a V.P. or he may lose many voter in the Nov. election.  But I fear Romney is being a fool. I fear the far left RINO's in the party are all he is listening to.  The American people will clearly see what type of leader he will be with the V.P. pick. He will either be a strong and bold conservative leader or he will be a wimp and sell out to the old political elite RINO machine.

Levin on Condi as VP: 'Pick a damn conservative' [AUDIO] | The Daily Caller: "On his Thursday radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin had a visceral reaction to the possibility reported early in the day of a Mitt Romney-Condoleezza Rice Republican ticket this November.

Although her name is mentioned as “near the top of the list” according to the Drudge Report, it would be a tactical mistake to select her, Levin said.

“This is bad politics,” Levin said. “Not only will Romney be defending Bain up through the election, now he’s going to have to be defending Bush and Bush’s policies right up through the election. This is a bad idea. No offense, Condi Rice. Didn’t they say throughout the Republican primary we had to nominate Romney because he’s the only one that could win? Why am I the only one who remembers that?”

Levin suggested that instead of putting up a problematic candidate like Rice, Romney should pick a conservative with experience."

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