Friday, July 13, 2012

Is Romney A Coward? Put Your Big Boy Pants On Mr Romney And Fight Back

Romney is repeating history. He is doing the same stupid mistakes that made McCain lose in 2008.  He is allowing Obama to define who Romney is and set the political discussion topics.  This was a failure for McCain and will be one for Romney as well.  As soon as Romney faces the fact he is involved in a Chicago type political campaign the better off he will be. He needs to fight back and ATTACK.

McCain was crippled by the "racist" threat the media was ready to pounce on if he attacked Obama and because of that the American people perceived him as a wimp and coward.  That is why Palin was seen as such a strong politician.  She was willing to stand up to the Obama machine and fight back hard. That was why they needed to destroy her and discredit her to the American people. She spoke truth to the lies Obama was so sweetly selling to the nation.

The American people want a strong leader who will fight for their views. One who has backbone and courage of their convictions.  We are not seeking a talker and liar, we already have Obama for that, what we seek is a fighter much like Reagan was and Palin is today.. A leader who will face EVERY challenge head on and not cower away from the media and their political opposition.

Put your big boy pants on Mr. Romney and get into the fight.

Conservatives divided on what to do about Bain attacks | The Daily Caller: "How should Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney handle President Barack Obama’s constant attacks on his time at Bain Capital? Republican strategists and opinion leaders can’t seem to agree.

Craig Shirley, a President Ronald Reagan biographer and political historian, told The Daily Caller that it isn’t enough for Romney to rely on “luck and timing.”

“History is not a delicate little girl,” Shirley said. “It is a fearsome and rough customer, who only respects strength and even roughhouse behavior. History needs to be shoved along — manhandled — and right now, the campaign of Mitt Romney is doing little to manhandle history.”"

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