Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obama Provides Aid To Mexican Drug Cartels

Ariz. congressmen: Admin. has declared war against Arizona | The Daily Caller: "Arizona Republican Reps. Paul Gosar, Dave Schweikert and Trent Franks have signed onto a letter set to be sent to Morton Wednesday, in response to the agency’s Monday announcement that they have terminated Arizona’s 287(g) Task Force agreements — which allow state law enforcement agencies to verify the immigration status of suspected illegals.

“I write in response to what appears to be the Administration’s declaration of war against Arizona,” The letter reads. “Rather than work cooperatively with the states, as federalism requires, the Administration unwisely decided to unilaterally and abruptly terminate multiple agreements under a program that fostered federal-state cooperation in tackling a very difficult public safety threat to Americans.”

According to the trio, the only winners under the administration’s plan are the drug cartels and human traffickers."

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