Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Native American accuses Elizabeth Warren of FRAUD

Native American accuses Elizabeth Warren and Harvard of ‘ethnic fraud’ | The Daily Caller: "A Native American who attended Harvard is accusing her alma mater and Massachusetts Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren of committing “ethnic fraud.”

Warren said she was a minority early in her legal career, citing her family’s Native American heritage. But Warren has been unable to prove that ancestry.

In a Monday post on the Indian Country Today Media Network, Margo (Kickingbird) DeLaune and Cole DeLaune wrote that they are “profoundly disturbed” by the story.

“Over the course of the past month, facts have come to attention that leave little doubt that the [Harvard Law School] bureaucracy and professor Warren perpetrated nothing less than ethnic fraud,” they wrote."

So what else is she lying about?  How many lies will she tell to gain power and advance her agenda?

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