Monday, September 26, 2011

The U.N. and Obama's Concept of Fairness

Have you seen the news that soon a new skyscraper will be built in New York to house the new U.N. offices? I bet that unless you make it a habit of reading local newspapers in that area you were clueless.

“Constructing a second U.N. building would likely have significant financial implications for the U.S. federal government, which pays 22 percent of the U.N. regular budget and would likely shoulder increased payments to the U.N. in future years resulting from costs associated with the project,” Schaefer wrote in a September policy paper. “Congress has yet either to hold hearings on or to examine the details of this plan. Nor is it clear that the Obama Administration has asked for or been provided detailed information on this project.”

There are 192 member states in the U.N. and each enjoy diplomatic immunity for their Ambassadors while in our country. The cost to New Your City is over $200 million a year in providing security and lost revenue from public services normal New Yorkers must pay for.

Under the Obama administration in 2009 the U.N. now encompasses entire buildings and warehouses in New York and Long Island beyond the original U.N. headquarters building in Turtle Bay. As part of the U.N. headquarters district, these locations, which in some cases are simply floors and offices in commercial buildings, are “inviolable” to U.S. officers and officials and “under the control and authority of the United Nations” except as specified in the agreement.

The power of the purse entrusted to Congress in the Constitution makes it incumbent on Congress to ensure that U.S. taxpayer dollars are used prudently. The construction of a new U.N. tower could have significant financial implications for the U.S. federal government. Without detailed information, neither the Administration nor Congress can know whether the proposed project is cost-effective or in the financial interests of the U.S. taxpayer. Or if it is needed in today's modern world. Much of the duties of the staff at the U.N. can be outsourced in the internet age.

There was a time when America was the richest country in the world but those days are long gone. So why has Obama not asked those rich nations to "PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE" as he seems to be doing to the citizens of our nation who have worked hard to succeed? So why do we pay 22% of the bill to provide people around the world a place to meet here in our country just to condemn and attack us?

Obama proves his "Pay their fair share" campaign is nothing more then class warfare on successful Americans. If it was truly something he felt was politically correct he would be demanding the U.N. to pack up and get out. He would be demanding other nations to PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE of the U.N. debt but he is silent on the issue.

So why will he not do any of this? Simply because the U.N. has over the years become a body of nations with their hands in American taxpayers pockets. He likes that. Just look how deep his hand had been shoved into your pocket the last few years. When he talked about Change what he should have said is he will dig deep into your pocket until he has all the coins in it. Most of those in the U.N. are his philosophical brothers. They practice Progressive Socialist politics much as Obama would love to impose on America.

Do not expect Obama or even the American Congress to tell you that $500 million or more of your tax dollars will be going to build new luxury offices for people who hate you and want you dead. The simple truth is not what our politicians have a reputation for. They will bury it in a Trillion dollar bill to hide it. The U.N. is still in the middle of a nearly $2 billion renovation of its headquarters, which was originally estimated to cost $600 million.

If it were up to me I would kick the U.N. out of New York. Let another country house these rats for the next 50 years. We did our part to get that circus and sideshow of world freaks started so now let China or Europe have their turn.

But for any of you who wonder what this body of freaks do here is a realistic example.


  1. Class warfare again. Always playing on those hot button conservative rewording. You make it sound like we didn't give them a tax break for a decade which resulted in them deporting our jobs while they got richer and everyone else got poorer. I'm sure you'd like to blame it all on unions and somehow make the "job creators" look like the victims. I think it is greed.

  2. Have you looked at the "occupy" movement lately Wayne? t is the Progressives marching and shouting for class warfare. You need to turn off MSNBC and look outside into the real world for a few minuets.