Sunday, September 25, 2011


First I want to congratulate Mr. Cain for the impressive win.

Now I would like to congratulate all the others for having the courage to stand up and run as well.

What will happen if Cain get's the nomination? How will the Democrats be able to play the race card? It's their only card and Cain will effectively take it away and split the black communities vote at the same time. Cain may well be Obama's worse nightmare.


  1. Who's the one using the race card here David. Your hoping Cain will split the black vote!?!?!? How about telling us the merits of Cain and why he'd be a good president and leaving race out of it. You are always talking about progressives race baiting but then you write a blog like this. I'm disappointed in the clear hypocrisy.

  2. Your disappointment was expected. It was the only way you could attack me on this issue. It will be a fact Cain will split the black vote. Many blacks have stated they voted for Obama because of his color not his policies. After four years of FAILED destructive policies of Obama's socialist agenda they will be as eager as all other Americans to vote for another person who is pro job growth and smaller government.