Tuesday, September 1, 2009


When you look at the turnout at town hall meetings across the country it is clear the people are now awake. The attempt to create Socialized Medicine in the United States has again failed. This massive failure was like something out of a story book. In fact you can tell the story this way...

It was a stormy day and Ms. Progressive and her dog Reform had just ran away from Washington D.C. Reform had bitten the people of Hope and was about to be taken to die at the pound. The clouds gathered and the winds increased as Ms. Progressive walked down the road. Soon it became clear to Ms. Progressive that she could not keep her Reform from getting in trouble. She turned and went home to find cover from the increasing storm.

When she got back to Washington, all the lobbyist and people had taken cover from the growing storm. As the items in the house (misrepresentations of Health Care told by Congress) were exposed and tossed back and forth by the wind of truth, Ms Progressive realized in the 2010 elections she would be knock out. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath...

When she opened her eyes she found herself in the land of Ozbama and Reform was missing. The first people Ms. Progressive met were Munchkins, also known a Unions, who told Ms. Progressive to start searching for the Wise Wizard Ozbama. He would show her how to find Reform. As she walked down the trail she meet a Scare Crow named Nancy Pelosi. She didn't know which way to go so she pointed in every direction. After a brief song and dance the two of them went down the trail together.

Soon they came across Mr. Tin Man named Howard Dean. He had no knowledge of how to find Reform but he would use his ax to cut down and destroy any who got in their way as they searched for it. After another song and dance the three of them went down the trail together. A little further down the road they found the Cowardly Lion named Harry Reid. He could make a lot of noise and roar but he too had no idea on how to find Reform. The group decided to find the wise Ozbama because only a Wizard like him could find Reform. After another song and dance the four of them went down the trail together.

When they got to the Emerial City of Hope they were greeted by the people of the Land of Leftest who proclaimed they were all heroes. A parade was held and they all did another song and dance and went to see Ozbama together.

Standing in the presence of the Wise Ozbama they all had chills run up and down their legs. The Wise Ozbama started to speak... there was great power in his words and it seemed as if each moment in time were created just for him to speak. Then out of nowhere Reform came in making noise. Reform, being a bad dog, got cough up in the curtain and pulled it open exposing a little man. The little man did not notice he was exposed for all to see and continued to read from a teleprompter and demanding that all of Ozbama follow him. He was the first black Wizard to ever rule over Ozbama land and he would find Reform.

Just then he turned and realized the curtain had been opened for all had see him for what he really was. That his words were not as awe inspiring as they were not his and he was just reading from a script. Ms. Progressive and her friends stood there stunned. Then one muttered, "You are so wise Mr. Wizard for showing us the path here to find Reform" They all then joined hands and did another song and dance...

The moral of this story is: Even if Reform is bad you can sell it with a good song and a dance. Being the first black Wizard helps too....


  1. Well we cant have a conservative blog without propaganda anymore can we?

  2. For some truth is classified as "Propaganda" in order to dismiss it.

  3. Yeah that's it. Damn you got me. You could also argue that for some "Propaganda" can be classified as truth to support ones opinion.