Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Health Care

Health Care has become the "Tragedy of the Moment" for many. Lets look at the points outlined by those in favor current changes proposed. I try to keep it simple and just list the top 4 points so that the body of the topic is addresses and not lost in the politics of diversion.

The Issues:
  1. Insure all current 45 million uninsured in America - This number is not the true reality of the situation. It is used for dramatic effect more then to express the truth. When you see it pointed to as the reason we must have a Government Option you will never see a breakdown of the make-up of these 45 million. Supporters never mention that over 10 million are illegal aliens. Nor will you hear that there is another estimated 10 million who could afford insurance but chose not to have it. Nor will they tell you that of the remaining uninsured there are a majority that quantify for existing government health care such as Medicare, TANF, S-CHIP, VA, and State Welfare programs.
  2. Stop pre-existing condition exclusions - This is something every American can support. We all want those less fortunate and with poor health to receive the care needed. Here is where true Health care Reform should be focused. Open the medicare system to allow these Americans to be able to receive health care and affordable for those who can pay a premium. Lets look at it this way... do you think it would be fair that you are forced to pay the exact monthly car insurance premium as you neighbor who has 2 DUI, and 3 speeding tickets?
  3. Will be paid for by savings and cutting waste in existing programs (Medicare). - First my question is if they know how to make these savings why are they not doing it already? If you had a employee in your cost control department come to you and said they could save the company money provided the got what they want... how long before to kicked them out the door? WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS TO ACT THIS WAY WITHOUT YOU KICKING THEM OUT!
  4. Choice of existing insurance or using the new Government Option - Most Americans get there Health Insurance through their employers. These health care programs are part of a benefit package. When a government option becomes available a vast majority of employers with less the 50 employees will end their insurance programs. A fine of 8% is far less then employers currently pay for these benefits. Small business is the major provider of jobs in America. As these employees are forced into the Governments Health Care System all other choices will be gone.
The American people need to look at history to understand what happens as government grows. Programs take on a like of their own and grow on the budget of the nation like a cancer. Look at the amount of the budget decanted to these programs both when they were created and at them now that they are draining the economy of all extra capital.

Stop your elected officials from rushing to solutions when they will not take the time to learn for themselves or tell you the reason for its need. Force them to slow down and do it right because the wrong solutions will do greater harm to the nation the the current problem.

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