Sunday, August 4, 2013

Why does Obama favor Muslim Brotherhood?

Even though Morsi’s regime showed no signs of democratic reform, the Obama administration had no problem with favoring the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with $1.5 billion in aid. The facts are that in one year, Morsi changed the Egyptian constitution to favor the Muslim Brotherhood and appointed a majority of Muslim Brotherhood ministers and governors. In addition, Morsi made himself more of a dictator than Mubarek ever was. Already in one year, the minority Christian Coptic Church in Egypt was feeling the heavy hand of Muslim Brotherhood oppression.
Because of Morsi’s well-orchestrated Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egyptian society, the people revolted. They had had enough. Wisely, the Egyptian military stepped in to prevent civil war and widespread bloodshed. And what was the Obama administration response to this? Return the Egyptian government back to Muslim Brotherhood control — as though this would really be democratic. Pure insanity.
What kind of an organization is the Muslim Brotherhood? In September 2010 the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohammed Badj stated: “The Brotherhood calls for jihad against the Muslim’s real enemies, not only Israel but also the United States. Waging war against both of these infidels is a commitment of Allah that cannot be discarded.”
Instead of opposing the Egyptian military, the Obama administration should be thankful it intervened in time to prevent massive killing and increased Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship.
Why does Obama feel he has to favor the Muslim Brotherhood considering what the Brotherhood stands for?
Theodore H. Loy

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