Sunday, August 4, 2013

Anthony Weiner Hires New Campaign Manager - Yeah Like That Was The Problem All Along.

NY1 Political Anchor Errol Louis sat down with Anthony Weiner at his campaign office Friday, as Weiner continues to defends how he has responded to controversy that continues to dog him on the trail.
After a rough week, Anthony Weiner has a new campaign manager, Camille Joseph, a former aide to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who was already working as Weiner's political director.
However, as usual, before he can talk about where his campaign is going or what he would do as mayor, Anthony Weiner must answer questions about his months of sending obscene texts and messages to strangers on the Internet.
"There's been a lot of curiosity about these things," Weiner said. "This notion that I haven't been completely transparent, yes, I haven't let people into every last embarrassing thing that I did. But I gave them a pretty good summary."
"I want to keep this fight going, and it's going to be successful because I think voters understand that that's what they want," he said. "They want someone who's going to fight for them."Weiner said he decided not to share details about exactly how many women he exchanged messages with, or precisely when, because he'd rather talk about his vision for the city. He also says that voters are more concerned about their problems than about his.
When it comes to substance, Weiner is eager to talk about what he would do if elected. His first priority would be to develop better coordination with the city's nonprofit organizations.
"I would create the very first week in office, maybe even the first day, a nonprofit czar, someone who's going to sit at the table of government, to say, 'We're going to coordinate with arts, coordinate with faith-based organizations, we're going to get the silo of government and the silo of nonprofits and get them to work steadier together."
Weiner would also place high priority on building a universal health care system for New Yorkers, and on getting more control of city schools from the state legislature.
The calls to drop out have not stopped Anthony Weiner. In fact, the candidate said he's in it until the end.
"I think I've shown these past couple weeks under the most brutal circumstances that I'm going to hang in there," Weiner said. "I'm going to hang in there because I believe in these things."
In fact, Weiner is returning to the campaign trail in the role of an outsider, eager to shake things up. 

Weiner has yet to realize that it was "Shaking things up" in pics to women on the internet that cause his problems.

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