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Damn The Democrat And Rove BS Machines: Full Steam Ahead

Damn The Democrat And Rove BS 

Machines: Full Steam Ahead

This past week, I was listening to WMAL’s Mornings On The Mall morning show and caught two segments this past Wednesday and Thursday which got me to thinking about what exactly is a conservative and where does the party go from here. Well, this editorial is my response to those two radio segments.
Back when I was a kid, being a “conservative” was the norm for people irrespective of party affiliation. Conservatives could be described by the following attributes: 1.) Love of Flag and Country; 2.) Embracing the Founders, Natural Law and Nature’s God; 3.) Pro Life; 4.) Against the sins of the Canaanites; 5.) Staunchly anti-Communist; 6.) Country first, last and always; 7.) Rugged Individualism -The belief that all individuals can succeed on their own and that government help for people should be a last resort.
Those attributes were common across the board. Leftism existed on a quieter scale. Even if teachers embraced the left, they continued to teach in the more traditional liberal fashion, allowing all sides a place at the debate table.
Today, Indoctrination U (the Screw-all system) has managed to railroad the children into a square box with only one view on things: the left’s. Conservatism is a bad word denoting racism, hatred of LGBT, American Indians, and any idea that does not promote ‘white guilt’ and the progressive (read Communist) agenda.
In the Republican Party, it seems that conservatism is more of a “to each his own definition”
I beg to differ.
The Republican Party, because of its acquiescence to the effective meme(s) being thrown at it by the Obama “truth ministers” (MSM) and its (Republican) internal squabbles is falling on its collective a$$.
The problems of the party, therefore, are not limited to the Goebbels-like Ministry Of Truth (MSM). No. The problems are also internal and as I see it are two-fold. First we have the paleocons and then we have the establishment win-at-any-cost types like Karl Rove.
The Establishment types talk about electability. But in reality, how many so-called “electable” candidates that Rove and Co. have put up in the last election won? Try none. That’s right, nada, zilch, zero.
So who won – and I might add – who won the House back in 2010? Well it sure wasn’t the Rove Establishment types. It was the Tea Party.
What distinguishes the Tea Party is that it is a coalition of Values Voters from both parties and the neocons. Don’t get your panties in a wad Levin fans – I’m not talking about Paleocons. Neocons are those who embrace Tocqueville, Adam Smith, the Founders, and American Exceptionalism. See the Symposium that I wrote last week for a reference.
Paleocons are the Pat Buchanans of the party, who make statements such as: “We need to stop getting involved in foreign entanglements that are none of our business.” Or as one of the the deans of Paleocons himself wrote:
“America is “impotent” because “we have allowed Israel to dictate to whom we may and may not talk.”
“Israeli airstrikes [are] an outlawed form of collective punishment, that has left [Hezbollah supporters] with no sanitation, rotting food, impure water and days without light or electricity in the horrible heat of July.”
He sagely (sarc) concludes: “And we wonder why they hate us.”
Way to prove your ignorance of all things jihadist, Pat. Way to denigrate a country that is under constant missile and mortar attack simply because they happen to be Jewish. Their enemies hate them because their so-called religion tells them to kill the Jews. To a jihadi killing a Jew is an act of worship of their false god Allah.
Paleocons ought to at least have the canastas to admit that they hate the Jews and stop pretending otherwise.
Fortunately, Paleocons have no power in the party. The left however, uses them like the useful idiots that they are. Cases in point: Alex Jones, Joe Scarboro and Chuck Hagel.
Couching great conservatives like Brent Bozell in the enigma of “hateful this or that” is just an exercise in leftist crap weaselry.
The Tea Party is the coalition that can bring victory in 2014, 2016 and beyond. The idea of “electability” needs to be redefined by the party to what it has always been: When conservatives stand on principal, they win. When they morph into Dhimiratz, they lose.

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