Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Useful Idiots.

Useful idiots is a name that no group of people would like to be called. It is however, the best description of the American people who voted for Obama and his Socialist agenda. When the voting segment of our country fails to vote to stay free and instead allows itself to fall for the same old word games and mind manipulation, they sadly earn the title of   Useful Idiots.

Too many Americans are naive about their political "system" and its politicians. You see, America is a land of plenty in many ways. Unfortunately is plentiful in the amount of useful idiot voters seeking “free stuff” instead of freedoms.

This mindless indifference self-sufficiency makes these useful idiots the misguided voter they are.  If this was of no consequence to the rest of America we could laugh at the idiocy; however, their stupidity and folly is causing great harm to all of us and the freedoms we treasure.  How and you identify this idiocy, explain it and seek ways to end it? We must awaken people to their errant ways by challenging them to see how arrogant politicians exploit their inadvertent "idiocy" and as a result, motivate them to reject the idiot's role once and for all.

We have observed that the conversion of the public consensus from dependency on God, self and family to dependency upon big government. The was accomplished through incrementally rearranging how Americans view themselves and their place in the world. This systematic approach succeeds as long as it is done step by step via skillful propaganda in conjunction with an effectual dumbing down of the American people; these changes are accepted when done slowly.

Freedom rush into America quickly like a storm. There were some things broken in the storm but self-reliance made the repairs possible and united the people in a common cause: to remain free. By contrast the loss of that freedom came in like a slow tide. Slowly many began to depend on government as one freedom after the other were willing surrendered. All these freedoms were given up for the promise of fairness or security. The useful idiots did not and have not notices the chains of slavery to the state they willing shackled to their legs.

Instead of each American earning wealth with their labors, many in the nation now seek to redistribute it in the name of fairness. The useful idiots strive not for the greatness of liberty our founders dreamed for our nation, they instead seek a nation based on the failed concept of Socialism.

The great American Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty or give me death” in a speech that rallied the nation to continue the fight for freedom.

But today’s useful idiot’s chant “Give me free stuff” as they surrender their freedoms to a tyrannical self-imposed socialist government.

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