Monday, January 14, 2013

Retreating is no way to fight a war.

When the French cut and ran during the recent war, they had no idea their retreat was a sign of weakness. That they were opening themselves to be conquered  by the enemy the were running from. PARIS 

(NOVOPRESS) - Following the hysterical reactions of the political and media to the occupation and nonviolent symbolic site of the future mosque Poitiers, Generation Identity wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Jean- Marc Ayrault. Letter is reproduced below.
Mr. Prime Minister,
Saturday, October 20th, at six o'clock in the morning, in the company of a hundred young activists, we entered the site of the Great Mosque of Poitiers. By late morning, even though you were traveling in Asia, you have released an official statement. If we regret your moral condemnation of our actions, we are pleased, however, the interest you have shown in our movement, which shows your speed to react.
However, we believe that your point of view stems from an inadequate appreciation of the facts. Indeed, if our country is regularly occupations of factories, offices, churches, particularly because of the CGT or associations supporting illegal immigration, they are not always peaceful and fall not necessarily political debate. However, our occupation of the site of the Great Mosque of Poitiers was non-violent and is part of our commitment to public debate. Our presence is down to the placement of a banner and slogans. The evacuation was done peacefully.
Our goal was - and remains - to attract the attention of public opinion on the issue of immigration and Islamization in France. We know that on these points, you are of the opposite opinion. So while you were mayor of Nantes, you paid 200,000 euros of public subsidy to a central "cultural" Muslim, yet close to radical Islamist movements. Since your appointment as head of government, clearly sign your work in the development and entrenchment of immigration in France. Either! It is your right and, perhaps, your duty requirements in terms of states like Qatar and Algeria.
We, for our part, disagree. We are those who believe - because we still have the right to think - that if the French became minority then France would not be France. Fantasy? No. Just to be convinced to consider recent research figures from INSEE on young Ile-de-France or the number of mosques built in recent years among us.
You want to keep it that way? We want this to stop!
You do not want to seek the advice of the French? We want a referendum!
This was the aim of our action in Poitiers. On the latter, your party, the PS, but also allies of the Left Front in Europe and ecology Greens responded unanimously by hate. Do you really think, Mr. Prime Minister, that in a republic, we can legitimately prohibit expression of those who call for a referendum? If your republic is not a word, not a semantic abduction, then, obviously, the answer is no.
We are not asking you to understand us. We ask you, Mr Prime Minister, to recognize our right to expression.
We want a public debate and peaceful? Parties that support your government respond with insults and threats. We want to open the ballot box? They brandish the stick. Is it not themselves, however, that formerly defended Pussy Riot entries in a Russian church?
Certainly you answer that justice has decided to continue. But let's be serious, Mr. Prime Minister. Could you swear that not one of your ministers has called Mr. Attorney Poitiers? Do you know the reason for the indictment of four of us? "Incitement to racial hatred" for chanting, among other slogans: "Charles Martel". Is this your republic? Is this your answer to hundreds of thousands of young French people who refuse immigration because they regularly suffer?
That's all, Mr. Prime Minister, we want to talk to you. We therefore ask you to set ourselves an appointment or, failing that, a meeting with one of your advisors.
In the meantime,
Please accept, Mr. Prime Minister, the expression of our highest consideration.
Executive Generation Identity

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