Saturday, January 12, 2013

Homeowners getting guns and taking on bad guys themselves

Homeowners getting guns and taking on bad guys themselves: George McCrae came home to find a burglar inside his house in Decatur. (1/10/2013)

A Decatur man fired his shotgun and hit a burglar who had broken into his home Thursday afternoon.  It is the latest incident of homeowners protecting themselves from criminals.
"I come into the gate. I come here and stop and he was coming out the window with a shotgun in his hand," said George McRae, who lives along Elgin Drive.
The suspect found the shotgun that belonged to McRae inside the home after he had broken in.
"I had my pistol in my pocket and I said, 'Put that gun down,'" McRae said.
The suspect ducked back into the house so McRae went in, confronted him and told him to put down the shotgun.  The burglar complied. McRae picked up the shotgun and called 911.
"I said, 'The police are going to get you. You're going to tell your story to the police,'" said McRae. "That's when he charged me and that's when I bam!"
McRae fired off one round and struck the burglar in the chest.  The suspect was taken to a local hospital, where DeKalb police said he was in critical condition late Thursday.
"I hit him," said McRae. "I knew I did. I meant to."

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