Sunday, December 2, 2012

Did you know fiscal cliff is entirely a manufactured threat?

Like many I bought into the idea that there was a “Fiscal Cliff” we were about to go over. Then as I looked deeper into the issue it became clear.

The same people who are now negotiating worked two years ago to create the mess which they say is such a threat. So why would we trust the very people who created this mess to come up with a solution? They have already shown their incompetence, or at the least, their manipulation of the system to benefit their supporters.

In fact, it is my belief now that this was a planned crisis concocted to do one thing. Raise taxes.

The Progressive Liberal political power players and news media Left have fashioned an artificial crisis called “the fiscal cliff”.

Now you may be asking yourself why they would do that. Why would they get everyone worked up about pending fiscal doom if it were not real? The answer is a simple as it is completed.

Their goal is to panic the country so the people will then apply pressure to panic the Republicans.

Politics today is a magician’s trick. Sleight of hand and misdirection accomplish more for today’s political class then being honest and straightforward ever will. Creating a illusion of pending disaster. Then taking credit for preventing what was never going to happen to begin with.

The current negotiations are phony, dishonest, and calculated to produce either a failure to be blamed on the Republicans or a success defined by the collapse of the Republican policy positions.

House Republicans should start legislating solutions they believe in, allow President Obama’s alternatives the honest chance to win a floor vote, and move forward. They must do what the House was designed to do. APPROPRIATE, LEGISLATE, and OVERSIGHT of the halls of government.

They will never win the PR game with Obama as long as the media supports him unconditionally.  So do what you were elected to do House members. Represent your constituents to the best of your ability. Do so in a honest and fair way so as we can respect and have faith in what you say. 

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