Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Freedom sold for Free Stuff

The results this November shows us how easy it is to buy an election. How many Americans will sell their Freedoms for Free Stuff.  Most do not even begin to realize that the "Free Stuff" comes with a high price tag. One they themselves and their children will have to pay.

The federal government’s programs and projects cost Americans now, both in finances and freedom. However, they will continue to cost future generations in both areas, as well. The national debt, which has reached a truly unprecedented level, simply can not be paid off in the immediate future. It will necessarily be left to future generations. Obviously, this will pose a great financial liability.

However, this debt also reduces the freedom of future Americans. Current spending practices are unsustainable and, at some point, cuts will have to be made. Future leaders will not enjoy the same flexibility in budgetary practices as current leaders enjoy today. The government will, at a minimum, be required to pay the interest on the debt. Eventually, it will have to pay off the debt itself. This may leave limited revenue for other spending, severely limiting the options of future leaders.  So, wasteful spending today may force cuts to more important programs in the future.

 Irresponsible governments spending costs Americans both current and future, in more ways than we may realize. Our Free Stuff will bind shackles onto our children and their children. This Free Stuff will be enjoyed by us for a short time and then it will break or wear out. But the shackle’s of debt we impose on our children will last their whole lifetime.

'Free stuff'?! Apparently almost half of this Nation didn't read the FINE PRINT! Largest tax increase across the board in our entire history - yes, trumping 'The New Deal (SOCIALISM LITE)' of that SNAKE, FDR. 

The irony of this entire situation is that we have not truly had a Capitalist System (or a fully in-effect Constitution for that matter) in-full for over 100 years, it's been manipulated into some other monolithic beast "seeding it's own death" and so THE 'CAPITALISM' THEY HATE SO MUCH IS ACTUALLY SOCIALISM LITE! AND THEY THINK SOCIALISM-FULL VERSION WILL CURE IT!!! 

I'd laugh... but it is too damn sad and true. 

hate socialism lite socialism-full version cure laugh damn sad true

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