Friday, October 5, 2012

The Night Smellavision was born...

Smell is often our first response our senses has to dangers, such as fire and gas leaks. In 2008 when Obama got elected the smell of Bull Shit swept over the nation. The media proclaimed it the sweet smell of victory. Soon the smell of the crap coming out of the White House and the Democrat controlled Congress was so strong, that the people had to leave their homes seeking to find the source of the foul odor. 

The media called these Americans the "Tea Party" because they sought to prevent the smell from the crap in D.C. from overtaking the nation. For 4 years the media worked restlessly to protect the Crap Maker and cover us the foul odors he created. But on an October night in 2012, all their hard work was lost because the Crap Maker released a foul odor over national t.v. that MILLIONS of Americans across the nation witnessed. 

It was that night Smellavision was born and the Crap Maker Obama's foul Progressive odor could no longer be hidden. The media is busy trying to convince Americans the smell was not from Obama's foul odor of failures but from the "Other Romney" who never showed up at the debate. You know, the fictitious Romney the media has been working so hard to create and fool the American people with. They were in shock when the real Romney showed up and opened a can of whoop ass on Obama. 

They fear even more that the real "Mr. Clean" Romney will go to D.C. and clean up what the medias Crap Master created. Removing the foul smell and returning the government to We The People.

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