Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mom sues for $10M after married teacher is busted for having sex with her son

Mom sues for $10M after married teacher is busted for having sex with her son

By Victor Skinner
NEW YORK CITY – Maureen Eng wants her son’s high school teacher to pay for what she did.

The price? $10 million.
Eng is suing her son Kevin’s former English teacher at James Madison High School – nicknamed “Horndog High” by  New York City media for its disgraceful history of sex scandals – after the woman was busted having sex with the high school football player, the Daily Mail reports.
The married former teacher, Erin Sayar, 35, allegedly gave Kevin Eng marijuana at school and had sex with the teen between eight to 12 times, according to court records.
Eng’s girlfriend discovered the affair when she found intimate Facebook messages between the two, but Eng initially denied the relationship. He later admitted to having sex with his teacher when he was confronted with 3,856 text messages sent between himself and Sayer over a 17 day span, the Daily Mail reports.
Sayar was charged with 8 counts of third-degree rape and criminal sexual conduct, and was released on a $10,000 bond in June. She no longer works at Horndog High, the newspaper reports.
Maureen Eng contends “Sayer used the authority and power of her position to place the infant in a vulnerable position, betray his trust and engage in pedophilic conduct with him,” according to court records cited by the Daily Mail.
Eng says her son had his “childhood robbed from him” by Sayar.
She’s also suing the city’s Department of Education for not policing its employees, media reports show.
“The lawyer representing Eng is claiming his client was traumatized by what happened and that it left him the ‘subject of scorn and ridicule,’” the Daily Mail reports.
Some students, however, told the media Kevin Eng bragged about the sex trysts.

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