Thursday, October 18, 2012



Now that Obama's down 51-45% in the latest Gallup poll, maybe the bureaucrats behind the jobs numbers decided it no longer made sense to juice their results to benefit a president who might go down in flames? I kid. I kid. Kinda.

It was strange, though, to see last week's jobless claims hit a four-year low right after a counter-intuitive drop in the September unemployment rate -- all of this coming just weeks before a presidential election. But according to the corrupt media, only "truthers" dare question the government, so let's just get to this week's numbers:
Weekly applications for U.S. unemployment benefits jumped 46,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 388,000, the highest in four months. The increase represents a rebound from the previous week's sharp drop. Both swings were largely due to technical factors.
The Labor Department says the four-week average of applications, a less volatile measure, fell slightly to 365,500, a level consistent with modest hiring.
Last week, California reported a large drop in applications, pushing down the overall figure to the lowest since February 2008.
This week, it reported a significant increase as it processed applications delayed from the previous week.
Oh, I see what happened. Through some crazy coincidence, the left-wing state of California which is run by a left-wing government and left-wing bureaucrats wasn't able to process all of its unemployment claims just weeks before a presidential election and the week after that bizarre drop in unemployment. And as a result, a left-wing president in reelection trouble got quite the boost.
Like I said … coincidence.
Question my government?
Go on. 

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