Saturday, October 13, 2012

Deliberate Or Stupid? Chuckles the Clown Biden...

Deliberate Or 


Watching Joe Biden Is like watching ego in motion.
By Sonja Eddings Brown
Joe is always JOE.  The Obama campaign pulled him out of travel and campaigning for SIX SOLID DAYS to prep him for this week’s Vice Presidential debate.  Did it show?
There is an old litigator’s strategy known among legal beagles.  If you don’t have a good case, no facts to stand on, then INTERRUPT.  Continuously.
Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan 88 times in 90 minutes.  Do you think

When your opponent is self-destructing…just get out of the way. Ryan played it perfectly.
David Axelrod suggested that Biden try to throw Paul Ryan off of his game during the first SUPER-NATIONAL debate in his career?  Likely.
More importantly, is there any chance that Joe Biden doesn’t OWN the message of this election, and that Paul Ryan does?  So what better way to keep Americans from hearing it, than to be disruptive?
The referee of this “Vice Presidential” debate, protected Joe Biden.  A reputable foreign correspondent, but never an anchor, ABC’s Martha Raddatz acted like the  limelight was hot even for her.  She had every opportunity to hold Vice President Biden accountable for his imaginary facts. For his weak remarks on Libya and his fiction about Obamacare and the Catholic Church.  But doing so would have taken her off the President’s Christmas Party list. Demanding the truth would have disaffected her bosses at ABC and ABC’s owner DISNEY, which is all-Obama-all-the-time.
The facts are these:

Paul Ryan is an intellectual giant. His opponent…not so much.
Paul Ryan’s job was to NOT MAKE HEADLINES.  Deliver the facts, the campaign talking points, and just get out of the way so that Biden could do what he does best:  self-destruct.
Joe Biden’s job was to bring some energy to the debate and try to revitalize Democrats who were demoralized by their own President!  Unfortunately, Biden has no OFF SWITCH!  He jumped into the front seat and took the wheel, and acted like he might drive right off a debate cliff!  If you noticed, in the last 10 minutes of the debate, Biden ramped it down.  Someone must have caught his eye!  Or perhaps someone from the DNC held up a sign on the front row that said, “STOPPP!!!!!!”
Independent women could only be turned off by his arrogance, his

Biden: Winner of Best Buffoon In A Limited Series
rudeness, and inappropriate toothy grins.   Especially out of place when the subject was the economic suffering of the American people….
But this was a display that was second nature for a man who has been walking on marble too long, and who has been padding his checking account and his lifestyle for so many decades, that his “passions” pale in comparison to his hunger for money and power.

Authenticiy…is what 2012 voters are looking for. Ryan has it.
Paul Ryan is the SECOND most intelligent man in America today.  Mitt Romney is the FIRST.  If Ryan had wanted to pick the meat off of Joe Biden’s bones, intellectually he could have done it.  The fear on Joe’s face when Ryan led off with the unemployment figures in Joe Biden’s OWN HOMETOWN of Scranton, Pennsylvania was measurable. Scranton had an unemployment rate of 8% in 2008.  Today it is 10%.
That was just a softball.
Imagine if Paul Ryan, who sleeps on a cot in his congressional office, had
elected to mention that Vice President Biden uses Air Force TWO to make special, and regular trips to Washington from Delaware  most weekends, at the taxpayers expense, to play GOLF with the President!
The debate was won by Paul Ryan.  He was a gentleman.  Joe Biden was not.  Paul Ryan told the truth… and Joe Biden couldn’t recognize the truth if he was swimming in it.

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