Sunday, October 14, 2012


During the debate, between giggles, Biden made this statement as to why we did not intervene to save the estimated 30,000 killed there as we did in Libya to stop the expected killing of a few hundred: "Syria is 5 time larger the Libya. It would have required much more military to cove that large area"

With an area of almost 1.8 million square kilometres (700,000 sq mi), Libya is the 17th largest country in the world.  According to Biden that makes Syria about 9 million square kilometers (3.5 Million sq mil).  But a simple look into the real world map shows Syria to be 185,180 km (71,479 sq mi). That's far from the 9 million km Biden claims it is.

But you can't fault Chuckles the Clown Biden because his boss Obama still thinks there are 57 states here in America.  Guess geography is not a commodity that this Administration holds much value in. Unless of course it has to do will stopping any and all energy exploration on federal lands.

But why did we intervene in Libya? At the time Obama and Biden said it was a noble goal to take "all necessary measures" to prevent attacks on civilians. They feared that as many as 3000 might be killed by the Gaddafi government.

But as 30,000 have been killed in Syria it shows that there was something else in play that Obama never has told the American people about. That missing element is The Muslim Brotherhood.  In Libya it was clearly understood that The Muslim Brotherhood capturing control of Libya would help escalate the fall of Egypt as well. Looking at the White House Visitor Logs shows that during the "Arab Spring" as Obama liked to call it, there was a high number of visits from people closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The reaching's of the Muslim Brotherhood run deep in the Obama Administration as we have already shown in past post Muslim Brotherhood and Obama. But the Muslim Brotherhood has little  resources in Syria. Assad has crushed them there and they were unable to establish the same structure as they had in Egypt and Libya. Bombing Syria would not have helped Obama's friends at the Muslim Brotherhood in conquering Syria.

In fact The Muslim Brotherhood are puppets of the leaders in Iran. The religious leaders in Iran use the Muslim Brotherhood to advance their goals but all power is controlled in Iran. Because Assad has been a close friend of Iran's leaders it would not allow the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Assad. So the fighting in Syria is just part of a uncontrolled sector of the radical Muslim uprisings Obama calls the Arab Spring. It is a internal struggle for power in Syria that Iran will not permit to overthrow it friend Assad. That is why Iran sends troops there to prop up the Assad government.

Iran by use of it's puppets in the Muslim Brotherhood indirectly controls the actions of Obama. That is why 30,000 dead civilians in Syria mean nothing to Obama. Because he was told to look the other way as these men, women, and children were slaughterer.

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