Saturday, September 1, 2012

Black Congressional Candidate Mia Love to Progressives: Bring It On

BOOM! – Mia Love: I don’t care what the left says about me, bring it on! I’m here to save this country for my kids.
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This has to be the best interview I’ve seen from Mia Love yet, and the best part comes near the end.
In short, she is no victim and could care less what the left says about her. She’s running for Congress, not as a politician, but as a wife and a mother to help save this future of this country for her children. And to the left she says bring it on!
My Two Cent's: MSNBC perform a racist act when it excluded broadcasting all Black and Latio speakers such as Mia Love at the RNC. This exposed them for the racist and hatemongers conservatives have known then to be.  MSNBC is so busy attacking and trashing anyone who is a perceived threat to Obama they have lost all credibility as a news organization
All Republicans should boycott and refuse to do any interviews with such a racist and hate-filled news outlet like MSNBC. Do not give these racist any form of creditably by associating with them in any way. I would go so far as banning using their services from the advisement list that Republicans would use. They have chosen to aid Obama so let him cover the lost revenue from the advertising their racist hate should inflict on their wallets.
The speech Mia Love gave at the RNC was fantastic. Here is is in case you missed it.

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