Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You Tube Politics

Are you a political junkie like I am? if you are then You Tube may have something to help you get the added political food us junkies live on. Check out this from the AP news service.

YouTube launches presidential campaign live stream

NEW YORK (AP) — YouTube has launched a dedicated presidential campaign channel that will feature live streaming video from the two parties' conventions and upcoming nationally televised debates as well as video content generated by a range of news and information partners.
YouTube news and politics manager Olivia Ma announced the new site in a blog post Wednesday. In an interview, Ma said the site would serve as "a one-stop hub, a single destination people can visit" that would offer both the YouTube live stream and reporting and analysis from eight news organizations, including The New York Times, Univision and BuzzFeed.

Breana Thoughts: Now I will be the first to say that "analysis" by The New York Times or BuzzFeed are anything but far left propaganda. So be sure to keep a bucket next to your chair as you suffer through their "analysis" of the political conventions.

"We want to offer multiple perspectives on the story from a diverse slate of news organization — established names, new voices, international and Spanish language," Ma said. "Voters can browse between different outlets and have a conversation about what they are watching."

Breana Thoughts: This sounds sweet. Sort of like a chance to be with friends around the world as we watch the politics unfold before us.

The 2012 conventions will be the first to be fully live-streamed over the Internet, and YouTube will serve as the official channel for both. Republicans meet for four days next week in Tampa, Fla., to confer the party's presidential nomination on former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Democrats are scheduled to meet Sept. 4-6 to nominate President Barack Obama for another term.
The announcement by YouTube, which is owned by powerhouse search engine Google, is the latest evidence of the growing impact of social media on the presidential race and the interest such companies have shown in having a prominent presence in the contest. Google co-hosted a Republican primary debate with Fox News last fall, while Facebook partnered with NBC News to host a GOP debate in January.
YouTube has been a popular destination for voters seeking political content this year, and the presidential campaigns have been eager to oblige.

Breana Thoughts: With the clear bias in the media leaning to the hard left Progressive side, we have had no other choice but to go to the internet to seek the truth.  So many time real stories are buried to protect the medias cherished one. Truth is the main stream medias first casualty in the war for information.  They distort or outright hide facts to slant stories to favor Obama.

Since April, when the general election contest effectively began, YouTube estimates there have been 100 million views of videos uploaded by candidates. The Obama campaign has uploaded 421 videos since the general election season commenced in April, while the Romney campaign has uploaded 218. All told, YouTube officials estimate there have been nearly 200 billion views of videos tagged either "Romney" or "Obama" since the election season began.

Breana Thoughts: If it wasn't for clips on You Tube many of Obama's lies and media distortions would never be know to the American People.  Now that Google owns You Tube we will see if it's previous and clear support for Obama transcends into censorship of conservative ideas and the truth they bring to the American People.

Let's all hope for a real open internet that is free of Government or Corporate censorship.

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