Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Palin: Cruz Runoff Win a 'Victory' for 'Grassroots Tea Party Movement'

Palin: Cruz Runoff Win a 'Victory' for 'Grassroots Tea Party Movement': "Texas Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz's victory over Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in Tuesday's Texas Republican primary runoff was arguably the most significant victory for the Tea Party movement to date.
And Cruz's victory continued former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's winning streak in the 2012 Republican Senate primaries. Palin successfully endorsed three underdog candidates in Indiana, Nebraska, and Texas in addition to Orrin Hatch in Utah.
Palin endorsed Cruz in May, nearly a week before the Texas primary when Cruz was not sure to hold Dewhurst below the 50% threshold, which he needed to secure himself a spot in the runoff. "
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