Thursday, August 30, 2012

Obamanomis Is Just Zombie Economics - The Takers Take What The Makers Make

It is not the new normal; it’s just zombie economics

There is a peculiar economic policy operating today.  As the “makers” plant the seeds of tomorrow, the “takers” come along and gobble them up.  The more the makers make, the more the takers take.  It has reached a point where the takers outnumber the makers 51 to 49.  If this condition persists, eventually the takers will be left to eat each other.  It is zombie economics.
The current economic policies churn out more walking dead every day.  The policies offer a series of “entitlements” that are “earned,” including: the earned income tax credit; the “free” items in the (un)Affordable Healthcare Act; the persistently Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; the (no) work for welfare; the long, long, long-term unemployment assistance; and the “free” Housing Investment programs.  The only program that seems to be missing is the free iphone and satellite/cable ownership (FIASCO) program.
Zombie economics is the economics of hope and change (meaning, “I hope I can get some of the change in your pocket.”)  Without zombie economics you cannot generate more of the walking dead.  Without zombie economics, people are left with the unfair world of thrift and hard work.  Zombie economics defeated Rome, the Soviet Union, and the collectivization schemes of the Derg.  If unchecked, it will defeat America too.

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