Friday, August 17, 2012

Here Is How You Educate A Progressive Lesson # 101 - How A Bill Becomes Law

I have given much thought into how we can expose those who are Progressive to the truth.  I have attempted to debate them with facts and undisputed words from their own leaders to show them the lies they are exposed to. But still I cannot get past the deep indoctrination they have been flooded with.

They call me a racist because I disagree with Obama. But they get angry when I call them a racist for disagreeing with Clarence Thomas. They call me a hater because I disagree with same sex marriage but they get angry when I call them haters because they disagree with freedom of realign.

So here I sat at a impasse. How do you teach a Progressive the truth about simple civics of how laws are made and why a President cant dictate to a nation by Executive Orders. It was then I remember when I was a boy a cute program called School House Rock. So I will take the Progressive students and start there. A simple and easy way from them to learn truth without feeling overwhelmed.

So here is Lesson # 101 - How A Bill Becomes Law

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