Monday, August 27, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Staffer Roughs up Republican Cameraman

Elizabeth Warren Staffer Roughs up Republican Cameraman:

"You're messing with the wrong people!"
Is this a U.S. Senate campaign or an outtake from "The Sopranos?"
Well, the Obama White House did tell its supporters to "hit back twice as hard."
This is unbelievable, really, the kind of thing that reveals why Elizabeth Warren, the Democrats' choice to unseat incumbent U.S. Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts,  just isn’t ready for primetime. If the people around you aren't schooled and trained in the very basics of not manhandling and dropping f-bombs while you’re being videotaped, you really have no business being a Senator.
If you’re asking yourself what's a Republican doing following Warren with a camera; this is standard operating procedure on both sides now. The opposition tracks the candidate on video and looks for moments just like this one.
Which is another reason this is the last thing that should've happened. Warren and her staff should've been 100% prepared for this. "Horrible judgment" doesn’t even begin to describe this. Moreover, the video proves no one on Team Warren was at all provoked.
And where's Warren's leadership? She couldn't be more than a few feet away, and yet like a Boss, she just sits there as her thug roughs somebody up.
"The Weekly Standard" reminds us this has happened before:
This isn't the first time a Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate staff member has roughed up someone on the trail. In 2010, WEEKLY STANDARD staff writer John McCormack was knocked down on a Washington sidewalk by Democratic operative Michael Meehan while McCormack attempted to ask Senate candidate Martha Coakley a question.
Of course, when your candidate has spent her whole life pretending to be something she's not in order to aggrandize herself, maybe this is the kind of infantile and arrogant behavior we should expect.

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