Monday, July 16, 2012

Wisconsin union negotiations take less than an hour

Thank you Gov. Walker.

Wisconsin union negotiations take less than an hour - :: Education Research, Reporting, Analysis and Commentary:

"ELMBROOK, Wis. – In the bad old days, teachers union contract negotiations in the Elmbrook, Wisconsin school district could drag on for 12-18 months, leaving a trail of resentment on both sides of the bargaining table.

But Act 10 changed everything. The new state law, championed by Gov. Scott Walker, limits K-12 union collective bargaining to the topic of compensation, and raises cannot exceed increases in the consumer price index.

The result? Last week the Elmbrook school board and teachers union agreed on the terms of a new contract in their first negotiation session, and it only lasted 45 minutes, according to a story published by

A nearby district, Pewaukee, reportedly settled on a new contract in just 35 minutes.

The Elmbrook union came to the table seeking the maximum 1.64 percent increase, retroactive to July, 2011. The school board offered a 1.5 percent raise, also retroactive to last year.

The school board prevailed with little argument. The raise will cost the district $502,000, a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of teacher raises in previous contracts."

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