Friday, July 13, 2012


When America needs bold leadership and a person who will roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work necessary to  restore the nation, we end up with an aggressive Liar and Blame everyone else for his failures like Obama or a Timid Republican challenger like Romney. 

If this is the best America can offer the nation and world as a choice for a leader we are in a seriously bad situation.  When good leaders hide because of fear from an out of control lynch mob media and a ruthless politics of destruction elite political class then all may be lost. 

How can we hope to survive as a free nation if we allow our elected leaders to enslave us to the state? Massive debt, out of control spending, ever increasing taxes, and a society bankrupt of any moral values are just a few of the major issues we face. And what do we have us to lead us through these troubled waters... a constant liar Obama or a timid Romney.

Since it is clear Romney will not fight back then it may well be time for a third party to rise and show him how.  The Tea Party is a great example of how to fight back against the lies and distortions from team Obama.  We stood in the rain and cold and in the heat of the summer sun to let the elite political class know we would not go quietly into the darkness of their Utopian New World.  We told them to take their change and shove it.

If only a leader would rise up to lead this army of concerned citizens we would once again march together and save the nation we love. Will such a leader show before all is lost? As long as the Republican Eleit RINO class control the party we will always end up with a Dole, Bush, McCain, and Romney to be timid and cower from the hard fights.

Why will America vote for a Liar over a Timid Candidate?  Simply because we all understand that the liar must have guts and courage to look us in the eye and lie nonstop. We want a leader with courage. Even if it is only out of a thirst for political power... at lest it is a show of courage.  Timid politics are for the weak and those pron to losing. 

If Timid Romney cannot find it within him to stand and fight back and hit even harder then he will lose. His loss will bring about the final chapters of a once great free nation. We surly cannot endure four more years of Progressive Socialist government.

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