Monday, July 16, 2012

Sec. of State Clinton Chooses Sides in Egypt: Islamists

Egypt will burn and Obama will dance by the light of the fire. If it looks like the Islamist will lose to the Egyptian Military then you can be certain he will intervene as he did in Libya.  He will have U.S. forces destroy the Egypt's military and then help the Islamist s rebuild a new one. One that will be eager to go to war with Israel.

Meet the face of evil in the world

Sec. of State Clinton Chooses Sides in Egypt: Islamists: "As I have written in other posts, there is serious trouble in Egypt. Their constitutional court recently disbanded the nation's parliament in a bid to end the influence Islamists enjoyed there. Yet even as they disbanded it, the Egyptian people elected a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi, for president. Meanwhile, Egypt's military is supporting the constitutional court's decision to disband parliament, thus Morsi and the military are estranged to say the least.
Enter Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, who is siding with Morsi in the contentious situation and is calling on the military to back Morsi instead of the constitutional court. She justifies this by saying she simply wants to guarantee "a full transition to democratic rule" in Egypt."

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