Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pimp Obama And His Army Of Media Whores

It is inescapable how the old media has sold out to get Obama in power and will do anything to keep him there.  They cover up his record and lies every day. They try to mislead the American people into thinking Obama is a victim and not the cause of the destructive economic polices his administration has imposed on the nation.

The media fan out like whores over the country working for their Pimp n Chief.  They destroy truth and proclaim the economic condition of the nation is good. All that is needed is to allow Obama more time and  to spend more money to make life all better.  They pretend the National Debt is nonexistent.

As they dance in the streets on his healthcare win in the SCOTUS they did their best to hide the fact that it survived because it is a tax.  The White House talking points has become the media whores daily devotional.  They will do anything to protect their Pimp even if that means telling lies, distorting facts, or even committing suicide of their professional integrity.

Not a single mainstream journalist today is doing what we know ALL of them would do if Obama were a Republican.  Instead they will fall upon the sword for their Pimp.  They will attack ALL who try to expose Obama’s lies and failures.

The Media love being Obama’s whores.  They seek out every chance to enrich Obama.  Like typical whores, if one of they ever strays from the Obama talking points, they will turn in mass upon the defector to protect their pimp.  Because of this none will speak the truth for fear of certain retribution.

As the election gets closer they will shut the doors to Romney so his message cannot be heard. What they do report on will be distorted and many lies created to destroy Romney.  They will do all they can to attack Romney and demonize his faith, family, and career history.  

The politics of personal destruction is all they have left to defend and make their Pimp look like the lessor of two evils.  They know there is no defense for their Pimps failed policies and failed leadership. Like the whores they are they will screw all of America as long as it profits their Pimp. 

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