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Obama's New Executive Order In July Is To Control All Communications Systems

Obama's new July 6th grab for power is one that will control all communications in the nation at any time he feels their is a "Crisis"

Executive Order -- Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions | The White House:

Hilmar von Campe put it best in "The Real Objectives of Barack Obama" Remember this was written before Obama took office. The truth remain to this day that Obama is a power hungry man seeking to impose his will on all Americans.

Lust for power is in the heart of every human being, it is part of human nature. It is an issue for
each one of us in our personal and professional life and it is a political issue on the level of
government. The question is how to deal with the lust for power and serve justice at the same
time if you want a stable government. The handling of human nature in organizing power is
different from country to country.

Because our Founding Fathers understood human nature and the temptation of power they
created a Constitution which took both issues into account – a master piece of transferring
Christian teachings into the political organization of American society. It is built on the respect
for life and for the rights every person has been given by our creator and not by any government.
Its political foundation consists of the separation of power between the three branches of
government and depends on truthful and responsible citizen who make it function. The armed
forces have to defend life and freedom of all Americans to outside enemies.

Additionally there are the National Guards reporting to the governor of the respective state of the union and the militias. One reason for the creation of the militia was to enable the citizens to defend themselves
against our own government if it should get oppressive. Therefore to bear arms is our
constitutional right which cannot be taken away by any government.

Enemies of freedom do not like the idea of armed citizens and try all sorts of means to control or
eliminate guns in private hands. Hitler described on April 11, 1942 in a dinner keynote address
his thinking regarding the matter: “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make  
would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have
allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. I would
go so far as to say, that supply of arms to the under dog is a sine qua non to overthrow of any
sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police.” He was referring to occupied
Soviet Union provinces whose people he called “races” but made clear that his principle is valid
to wherever somebody wants to overthrow any sovereignty.

In our case you just need to say “citizen” instead of “race” and you understand what that
“somebody” means when he tells you his lies why he wants to do it. It that simple! The Nazis
also controlled the media which fed us with lies about what they were doing and why. The
Democratic Party and Obama would like to get a similar status of power as the Nazis had. The
so-called fairness doctrine is a stepping stone in that direction. If you hear former NBC anchor
Tom Brokaw say “we have to have free speech in some kind of context” then you know what he
is up to.

By the time of his speech Hitler had put himself into a comfortable position. He was commander
in chief of the armed forces. In 1934 the armed storm troopers under the leadership of Ernst
Roehm, a close friend of Hitler, had become a competitor of Hitler’s power. Hitler had him and
300 others killed in 1934, among them a great part of the storm troopers leadership. Thereafter
the troopers were without weight in the inside power struggle. Hitler had created the SS,
including the Gestapo, the secret political police (Geheime Staatspolizei}, the feared executioner
of the Nazi system. The only dangerous enemies of the system remaining were inside the armed
forces. He bribed for instance some of the military leaders with ranches and had every officer
and civil servant swear his oath of allegiance to him personally. The only ones who were legally
forbidden to bear arms were the Jews. My father had a gun.

All of the above, however, was meant to enable the government to put down any armed
insurrection. Different from any “normal” dictatorship a totalitarian system goes after the minds
and hearts of the population with the purpose to make them do voluntarily what the government
wants them to do. This is called mind control, which also is far advanced in the United States.
The Nazis controlled 100% of the media and also an important part of education. In the schools
through godless Nazi teachers where they had some and through Darwinism which is also be
taught to American children. The Minimum result they had with the Hitler Youth was that there
was no other youth organization and that we young people didn’t question the legality of it. It
belonged to the system into which we were born.

There was another Nazi organization that had the same task as all other institutions, namely to
keep people under control and influence their thinking. It was the Service to Work
(Arbeitsdienst). Young men had to serve half a year before entering into military service. It
seems that Obama likes this Nazi feature because he comes up in addition to the idea of a civilian
national security force with a plan to create a national community service program. Obama’s
motives for this cannot be different from the Nazi motives – to bring as many youth as possible
under their Socialist umbrella and influence. Obama has 3.1 million e-mail addresses from young
people who are waiting to do something.

There are many good organizations in America for everybody, like for instance the boys and
girls scouts and the National Rifle Association. They teach young and adult people basic
American values, like self-sufficiency, independence, personal ethics and individual
responsibility. They are being taught to love God and America. We don’t need a class war youth

President Obama says that America is no more a Christian nation. He is not a Christian
himself because you can’t be a Christian and promote the killing of unborn human beings which
he does. He also wants to neutralize our Constitution by adding class warfare concepts. His plans
which begin to become public point to where he wants to lead the American nation; onto the
same road Germany took in 1933. Americans, do you want to go in that direction? It is still time
to take the opposite direction – a nation under God.

Lewis Cass, Governor of the MichiganTerritory in 1848, Secretary of State for President James
Buchanan, Senator and 1848 Democrat Presidential Candidate stated the following:
“Independent of its connection with human destiny hereafter, the fate of republican government
is indissolubly bound up with the fate of the Christian religion, and a people who reject its holy
faith will find themselves the slaves of their own evil passions and of arbitrary power…God, in
his providence, has given us a Book of His revealed will…to teach us what we ought to do here,
and what we shall be hereafter.”

John Witherspoon, who lost two sons in the Revolution, was the only clergyman to sign the
Declaration of Independence and served on 120 Congressional Commitees stated: “He is the best
friend of American liberty, who is most…active in promoting true and undefiled religion…to
bear down profanity and immorality of every kind. Whoever is an awoed enemy of God, I
scruple not to call him an enemy of his country.”

Barack Hussein Obama would bring his immorality into the White House. He is an enemy of
God. As everybody else he can and must change morally to be in line with our Constitution and
able to represent and lead the American people.

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