Friday, July 6, 2012

Obama Tosses Bill Clinton Under The Buss.... AGAIN

Obama is a treasure of stupid propaganda swallowed up by useful idiots.

To Defend Today's Job Report Obama Trashes Clinton Era:  by JOHN NOLTE
Obama : "The reason I ran for president, the reason I ran the first time for a State Senate seat on the Southside of Chicago, was because for too many people, that bargain, that dream, felt like it was slipping away. We had gone through a decade where people were working harder and harder, but we didn’t see an increase in income. And profits were going sky high for a lot of companies but jobs weren't growing fast enough. And the cost of everything from health care to college tuition to grocery to gas kept going up faster than people's incomes.

So a lot of folks felt like that idea that we could not only live a good middle class life but more importantly we could pass it on to our kids and they could succeed the way we might not have imagined. They could go to college and do some things we couldn’t imagine doing. That felt like it was slipping away from too many people. That's why I got into politics."

We'll get to how factually challenged all of that is in a bit, but Obama's bid for the Illinois State Senate occurred in 1996, which means that he's trashing the results of Bill Clinton's first term.  Clinton ran for reelection in 1996 and won in a walk, largely due to an economy that was thriving. Whether you credit Clinton or the Republican Congress (I credit both) for the economic boom of the 90s, for Obama to trash 1996 as a time when the middle class felt the dream all slipping away is not only nonsense to those of us who lived through it; it is also factually untrue.

As far as the facts: Obama is also near-delusional talking about gas prices, tuition, and the price of health care increasing in 1996. Under Obama, gas prices have exploded, tuition costs are burying students in mortgage-size debt after they graduate college, and the cost of healthcare has increased almost $2500 per family since 2008.
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