Saturday, July 14, 2012

Was Obama A Drug Dealer And Addict

As much as the main media has worked at protecting Obama and hiding his drug use, it has not worked.  The new media and its world wide outlet has brought the sorted pass of Obama out into the sunshine of truth.
David Maraniss' book, Barack Obama: The Story, describes Obama as a marijuana enthusiast: "When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted 'Intercepted!' and took an extra hit," Maraniss writes. Maraniss also describes Obama's technique of "roof hits" while hot-boxing cars. "When the pot was gone, they tilted their heads back and sucked in the last bit of smoke from the ceiling," he writes. Obama has been less than shy about his drug use in the past, writing about the topic in Dreams from My Father, "Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it," he writes in the memoir.
Ethan Nadelmann Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance

FACT: Obama was a hard drug user.  He loved a "little blow" when he could get it.

FACT: Obama, by his own book, admits to being a drug dealer. Those are his people as Holder would say.

FACT: Obama brag on the campaign trail that he “inhaled frequently … that was the point.”

FACT: Obama’s High School friends joked and admitted to Obama’s drug use to the media but those stories were hidden from the public.

FACT: Obama is a hypocrite on drug use. At a summit meeting of many of the Western Hemisphere nations, Obama said, “I think it is entirely legitimate to have a conversation about whether the laws in place are ones that are doing more harm than good in certain places.” But, he added, “I personally, and my administration’s position, is that legalization is not the answer.

Flashback: Obama’s Sordid High School Past:
 "Obama, by all accounts, was a habitual drug user in high school. He tried cocaine, he admits in Dreams From My Father; he “tried drugs enthusiastically.” The Chicago Tribune reported back in 2007 that Obama thanked the “Choom Gang” in his high school yearbook; “chooming” was Hawaiian slang for smoking pot. The Honolulu Advertiser reported that Obama’s senior portrait “prominently displayed … A package of ‘Zig-Zag’ rolling papers and a matchbook.” One of Obama’s close friends was arrested for drug possession during high school.
In his memoir, Obama talked about routinely getting high. “Junkie. Pothead,” he wrote. “That’s where I’d been headed: the final, fatal role of the young would-be black man.” But, according to Obama, he only got high because he was contemplating deep matters: drugs could “push questions of who I was out of my mind.”"

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