Friday, July 13, 2012

Obama the Liar And Drug Addict Points A bony Finger At Romney

So Obama who is a admitted cocaine user and pot head dealer wants to point his bony finger at Romney and proclaim Romney is a felon.  LMFAO

Beside the fact he as ZERO evidence that Romney broke even a jaywalking law much less any felony, it is laughable that Obama. who is an admitted liar and drug addict, has the nerve to point out anyone elses sins.

The Five’s Tantaros Warns Team Obama To Be ‘Careful’ With ‘Felony’ Charge Given Obama’s Past Cocaine Use | Mediaite: "On Friday, the crew at The Five tackled the latest political outrage: the Mitt Romney-Bain Capital story that said Romney was at the company longer than he said he was. The co-hosts (save for Bob Beckel) took issue with President Obama‘s campaign suggesting that if Romney misrepresented his position on SEC filings, that could be a felony. Citing “overreach” and “desperation,” the mockery commenced.

“They really don’t want to talk about the economy now, do they?” Eric Bolling asked, before handing it off to Greg Gutfeld, who seemed somewhat amused by the whole thing amusing consider Obama is from Chicago. Chicago. You know, the city “where if every criminal wore an orange jumpsuit, the city would look like a giant bag of Cheetos.”"

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