Monday, July 2, 2012

Elizabeth Warren’s lies—Howie Carr -

What has Elizabeth Warren got in common with Obama? They both are constant LIARS.

Elizabeth Warren’s lies—Howie Carr - "Boston So Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate for Ted Kennedy’s former Senate seat in Massachusetts, is not an Indian — just a plagiarist.

The bloodlines aren’t “faint”; they’re nonexistent. You may still hear that her claim to be one-thirty-second Cherokee is merely “dubious”; in fact, it’s false.

Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color,” as the Fordham Law Review put it, is whiter than Ivory Snow.

Yet much of the media continues to look away from a scandal that would have driven any Republican from the race weeks ago.

When national Democrats handpicked her to unseat freshman Republican Scott Brown (who is, it should be noted, a white man), Warren’s credentials seemed impeccable; she claimed last fall to have provided the “intellectual foundations” of the Occupy movement."

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