Monday, July 9, 2012

Did Warren Commit Fraud

Did Warren Commit Fraud

Warren has the right to embarrass herself at cocktail parties by saying she’s a Cherokee.  Nor is there any law that prevents a person, whose family tree is pure white for four generations, to fancy themselves a member of an Indian tribe.

Warren’s assertions would have fallen merely into the realm of stupid, had she not also listed herself  as a minority.  This was in a professional directory frequently referenced by hiring deans.  Warren listed herself as “white” on her U Texas application.  Warren has reluctantly confessed to telling two of her employers, Penn and Harvard, that she was a minority.   Both Penn and Harvard listed her as a minority on federally-mandated diversity hiring reports.

This is a clear violation of Federal Affirmative Action hiring policy, which stipulates that a Native American is “a person having origins in any of the original peoples of North America, and who maintains cultural identification through tribal affiliation or community recognition.” Warren has done neither or proven her ancestry to a native tribe.

What she has done is commit an act of fraud that resulted and encouraged both Penn and Harvard to violate federal law, (unknowingly we are told), that both profited from. Her act has also caused damage to all minorities of all races just so she could abuse a flawed system and enrich herself both professionally and monetarily.  

Warren now seeks a seat in power. What would she do if she had such power?  We do not need to look far into her past to see how abusive she will be if given the chance.  As a Obama Team member she showed ruthless zeal in forcing legislation onto the American public through lies and distortions of facts.  She testified before congress providing these distortions to help get Todd Frank passed. Her plan was to head the Consumer Agency but Obama pulled the chair out from under her so he could make a political payoff to a friend.

As a Senator why would she be any different?

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