Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves: 11 Ways That Obama Is Killing Jobs In America

11 Ways That Obama Is Killing Jobs In America:
Obama will likely go down as the most anti-business president in U.S. history.  He has presided over the worst "recovery" from a recession in post-World War II history, and under his leadership a whole host of economic statistics have steadily gotten worse.  The percentage of working age Americans that have jobs has not bounced back since the end of the last recession, and now the next major economic crisis is rapidly approaching.

Thanks Obama.

The following are 11 ways that Obama is killing jobs in America...."

#1 Blocking The Keystone Oil Pipeline
#2 ObamaTAXcare
#3 Crippling Regulations On Business
#4 Taxes
#5 "Free Trade" Agreements
#6 Killing The Coal Industry On Purpose
#7 Crippling The Oil Industry On Purpose
#8 Massive Wasteful Spending
#9 Barack Obama Encourages Government Dependence
#10 Barack Obama Has Fully Supported Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke And Actually Nominated Him For A Second Term
#11 The Soaring National Debt Is Killing Millions Upon Millions Of Future Jobs

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