Monday, June 25, 2012

The SCOTUS Attacks The Constitution.... Again

With the recent ruling on the Arizona Immigration case, the court has shown how deeply the Progressive infection has become in every branch of government.   It is clear to see why Obama granted Amnesty to so many illegals. He had already know that the court was going to take the legs out from under the states.  He already knew that the court was going to ensure that Obama's refusal to enforce the law was going to be allowed.

The next blow to freedom and stats rights will be the Healthcare ruling which now appears to be going the way Obama wants. High level Progressive already seem to have knowledge how the justices voted. They are celebrating that most of it will stand.  That even the mandate to force Americans to buy insurance will in some form pass by the court.

It should have been expected. Look at the appointments to the court. If they are not Progressive liberals appointed by a Democrat President then they are likely to be RINO's appointed by RINO Republican Presidents.

Obam never needed to try to transform America.  The Supreme Court was already hard at work doing that for years. 

SCOTUS Upholds Most Controversial Show Me Your Papers Provision of AZ Immigration Law | "The U.S. Supreme Court voted to strike down three of four provisions in Arizona’s controversial immigration law"

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